‘The reaction of livestock to the disturbance can only be imagined’…an islander has her say on Iow ‘69!

MDB Wootton Pop Festival memories2_1.jpg

Clearly, the IoW was blown away…

Doreen Gazey, from Wootton, wrote this piece 10 years ago on the 40th anniversary of the 1969 IoW Festival but she manages to capture, perfectly, the sense of shock and bewilderment she - and countless other Islanders - felt when the Isle of Wight hosted its 2nd Festival of Music.

‘Has anyone seen our cows?’ the crowd was asked by the local farmer. And the St John Ambulance first-aid unit, with a 15-bed ward, treated more than 400 festival-goers over the weekend. It was, she suggests, the Island’s biggest first-aid undertaking ever.

Bob Dylan and Co had set something in train and this beautiful piece of real estate in The Solent had seen nothing like it. Of course, if they thought the 1969 festival was extraordinary...just 12 months later the roof was about to fall in completely. And that, of course, is quite another story!