‘Who Knows,Bob DylaN might just turn up!’


George Galloway on a Dylan surprise

ARCH Bob Dylan fan George Galloway, the firebrand former MP and broadcaster, backed the Bash at our London launch at Planet Hollywood on Monday, July 1.

And George said: “One of Bob Dylan’s undeniably qualities is his unpredictability. We know he is going to be in the UK soon to play in Hyde Park and - if he got to know about the Bash - you never know, he might just turn up!”

George was impressed with the quality bill put together for the Bash’s celebration of the 1969 IoW Festival. He also recently discussed the Bash and Bill Bradshaw’s new book, Bob Dylan at The Isle of Wight Festival, 1969, on his RT TV show, Sputnik Around The World.

George wanted to know how Dylan performed on the IoW in 1969. Fancy stirring the hornet’s nest? Let us know what your verdict is if you were in the crowd at Woodside Bay!

Meanwhile, let’s hear it again, George... ‘You never know, he might just turn up.’

Pictured left, George Galloway at Planet Hollywood.


Blair and Deana blaze a trail for the next generation at Bash’s Planet Hollywood launch

SINGER-songwriter Blair Dunlop, a past winner of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Horizon Award, was on fine form at the Planet Hollywood launch, with two songs going down extremely well with guests and media.

Blair, pictured left, is playing the Bash in August and then prepares for an Australian tour with some 30 dates nationwide. “I am looking forward to August and the Island and then a really busy end to the year,” said Blair.

Also excelling at the Bash launch was ITV’s The Voice star Deana Walmsley, who also played at our Island launch at the end of May. She sang Back to Black and Autumn Leaves.

Like Blair, Deana is to perform at the Bash on August 31. She starred in all of The Voice primetime shows earlier this year, coached by legendary singer Sir Tom Jones. “I can’t wait to play at the Bash,” she said.

Sally Magnusson opens up at Planet Hollywood about Playlist For Life.

Sally Magnusson opens up at Planet Hollywood about Playlist For Life.

Making the bash ‘dementia friendly’

MILLION Dollar Bash was delighted to welcome broadcaster Sally Magnusson to its London launch at Planet Hollywood...Sally is the founder and president of leading UK dementia and music charity Playlist For Life.

Sally founded the charity in 2013 after the death of her mother - who had been living with the symptoms of dementia - and she praised Million Dollar Bash for partnering with the charity and for making its goal to create the world’s first ‘dementia friendly’ rock festival on August 31.

Sally said: “Dementia has all kinds of social effects which makes it difficult to take people who have its symptoms to big social events. So to make Million Dollar Bash dementia friendly - just to have quiet spaces and a place they can feel comfortable - is a very good thing indeed.”

Being reminded of special times - like 1969 - through music can be very powerful indeed’ - SALLY MAGNUSSON founder of Playlist For Life.

Thanks to Tony Lincoln, all of the Planet Hollywood staff and Harry Harris for making our London launch so enjoyable!